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The strict neo-ponytail
The strict neo-ponytail
The strict neo-ponytail
Styles and trends

The strict neo-ponytail

Perfect for occasions when you want to tie your hair up and show off your facial features, the ponytail has seen its fair share of different varieties in its time. For Spring-Summer 2014, try creating the strict neo-ponytail look to create an elegant and feminine style.
The trend. This summer, two trends are being combined; the bohemian trend and the strict-neo look. Whereas the first of these features, a more unruly and messy ponytail version, the strict-neo look is all about precision and controlling every strand of hair for a more severe look. This style is perfect for professional meetings and is a great way to play down a sporty look, or reducing the girly factor.
Who can wear it? Ideally, longer hair is the best length in order to re-create the DKNY runway look to perfection. This style is also ideal for women wanting to create a practical ponytail which is simple to create in the morning. The strict neo-ponytail is a go-to look for women who are tempted to give catwalk styles a try without going completely OTT.
How to create the look. After washing hair as normal, brush through with a wide-tooth comb and create a low-lying parting on the side of you choice. Next, create a low ponytail at the base of the neck. A simple hair elastic will suffice when it comes to securing your style, however use what works best for your hair type. Bring your ponytail around to one shoulder, on the opposite side to your parting. To complete the look, spray evenly with Shine Spray for a long lasting, glossy finish.
© Pixelformula / DKNY prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO