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The crew cut
The crew cut
The crew cut

The crew cut, spotted on the runway

The Saint-Laurent Spring-Summer 2014 catwalk show had a distinct 50s feel about it. Alongside rockabilly quiffs and leather trousers, it was the rebellious crew cut that took centre stage. This look, usually worn for more formal and smart-dressed occasions, is officially having its moment in summer 2014.
The crew cut traditionally involves having a large, upright style on the top section of the head; one of this season’s biggest looks. Models, singers and anyone who wants to be anyone is wearing this style, whereas just a few years ago it was ranked at the opposite end of the ‘cool’ scale. What goes around always comes back around, and this style is certainly no exception. The crew cut is fairly simple to style and maintain on a day-to-day basis, meaning men of all ages are being tempted to try this vintage cut. Remember, however, that you will need to get a professional to cut your hair rather than giving it a go yourself in your bathroom!
At your salon appointment, explain to your stylist the desired length for your new style. Not a hair should be out of place and everything should look neat and tidy. Ideally, you should opt for this look if your hair is naturally straight and curl-free to create that perfect geometric effect. Once you have your new haircut, shape your style daily with the help of a styling gel to keep it in place all day long.
© Pixelformula / Saint Laurent prêt-à-porter menswear runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO