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Comeback of the 1920s hat
Comeback of the 1920s hat
Comeback of the 1920s hat
Styles and trends

Comeback of the 1920s hat

The key accessory of the roaring 20s, the cloche hat is back. Retro and glam at the same time , it fits perfectly with the autumn-winter 2014 trends. Practical and modernized, it is this season's most worn model to resist the cold. The feminine felt hat; it's the working woman's best friend.
The trend? With the return of roaring twenties inspired films such as The Artist and The Great Gatsby , the accessories from the 20s inspire women who wish to replicate artists' style from that era. The roaring twenties are synonymous with an era where women broke with old traditions and allowed more freedom, hence the hat - long reserved for men - which became tailored to women's wardrobes .
Who can wear the 1920s hat? For all the women nostalgic of these early century wild years. In fact , glamorous accessories are as relevant today as they were at the time of the advent of Coco Chanel . Winter 2013-2014 welcomes the return of accessories, equally bling bling as practical. The 20s hat, which resembled the cloche hat, is adorned with sequins or feminine ribbons and rightly fit today's wardrobes. In sum, whether you are nostalgic of the era or simply attracted to key accessories of that time, this hat is made for all! Just match it with your favorite colours and fabrics.
How to wear the 20s hat? Just like at the time: hair pulled up and hidden under the hat. During this era, all women seemed to have short hair, but that proved to be false . Most of them actually had long hair. They simply tucked their hair up under the hat to create an illusion. Today , this technique is still trending but leaving long hair down under the hat is also a noticeable touch of elegance and sophistication.
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