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Summer hair: dos and don'ts
Summer hair: dos and don'ts

Summer hair: dos and don'ts

"Hair gets damaged very easily in summer...". We've all heard this phrase but contrary to popular belief, the sun isn't necessarily harmful if you know how to enjoy it in small doses. Here are some dos and don'ts to bear in mind during the summer season.
Rule number one is not to expose your hair to the sun too much without protecting it first, "what goes for skin also goes for hair. The sun is not harmful if you enjoy it in small doses and protect your hair: it can even lighten your hair for a natural result.
As for sand, chlorine and salt, these offer no benefits for your hair. "While sun can be good for your hair, sand, chlorine and salt open up the cuticles and cause damage. So it's very important you rinse your hair after you've been in the sea or the pool if you want to keep it nice and healthy."
Women with coloured or highlighted hair need to be particularly careful when summer comes around. "Have your highlights done at least one month before you go on holiday to avoid damaging your hair. If you have them done less than a month before you go, your hair will be too fragile and suffer damage easily."
Our tip: Choose your sun protection and after-sun products to suit your hair type. "If you have fine hair you should stick to light liquids or sprays. For those of you with thick hair, use creams, these can have a nourishing effect as well."
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