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Protect your hair from chlorine
Protect your hair from chlorine
Hair care

Protect your hair from chlorine

Not all hair reacts in the same way to everyday stresses, but if there is one thing that isn’t at all beneficial for any hair type, it’s chlorine; although the effects differ from person to person. Follow this advice to give your hair maximum protection this summer!
“Chlorine affects hair differently, depending on its condition and how much colouring it has endured. On weak or coloured hair, there are fewer barriers, meaning that the hair is less resistant to chemicals. It therefore absorbs the chlorine more easily, which is not good for it… But this works in both ways too! Meaning that it also easily soaks in any nourishing, hydrating products you apply.”
Chlorine can often cause your hair to dry out, so make sure you use nourishing products to keep it hydrated. In the worst of cases, especially if you have coloured hair, you might start to notice a slight green tinge to your hair: not the most attractive of looks! “This is very rare and can easily be rectified in the salon, but it’s not ideal at the time! To avoid this, take steps to protect your hair from chlorine from the start.”
The best protection against chlorine? A swimming cap. Even though it’s not the most eye-catching of accessories, it is the most effective in protecting against chlorine. You can easily find simple, neutral-coloured swim caps if you’re uncomfortable wearing one at first. “Silicon swim caps stay on your head the best. This flexible material moulds perfectly around the shape of your head for maximum protection.” These bathing accessories are also often a requirement in public swimming pools.
You can also cover your hair in a sun cream or oil. This will protect you from UV rays at the same time. “If you’re taking a dip in a private pool, apply as much product you want, but use sparingly in a public pool.”
Finally, don’t worry about having to bring your hairdryer to the pool during your holiday. “Just make sure you use heat protector spray when drying and use a hydrating hair mask once a week.”
Our tip: To make sure your hair stays soft and shiny, when you come out of the pool, rinse your hair with clean water and wash with a nourishing shampoo to give it some TLC.
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