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Streetstyle : the flicked out bob

Her hairstyle. A bob hairstyle which perfectly accentuates her thick hair. She’s also chosen to go for a few subtle layers around the ends which add volume. Her lengths are straightened thanks to her outwards blow-dry. The result is surprisingly modern and retro. What’s more, she’s swept her bangs behind her ears to open up her face. In terms of her color, a luscious blonde shade is topped off with some Sunlight highlights for a glowing finish.
Her look. Her look is rock-inspired, relaxed and very on-trend. She’s opted for denim dungarees in a washed out shade and paired this with a long sleeve, striped T-shirt. In terms of footwear, she’s chosen a pair of cut-out, pointed high-heels which look great combined with her leather jacket, whilst her classic black handbag instantly brings a touch of sophistication and class. To liven up this look, she’s added a fun pair of oversized sunglasses in an electric blue shade.
Tip of the day: Get your locks looking as glossy as our streetstyler's by using products which will add shine and strengthen, such as those found in the Oil Therapy range. Once a week, apply the Repair and Radiance mask to damp hair. You’ll soon discover the fast-acting results!
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Streetstyle : the flicked out bob
Streetstyle : the flicked out bob
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO