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The reversed hairstyle
The reversed hairstyle
The reversed hairstyle
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The reverse blow-dry spotted on the catwalk

Karl Lagerfeld is famous for unveiling out-there looks and designs at his runway shows, and his haute-couture Chanel collections are certainly no exception. All of the high-fashion models were wearing an original hairstyle that has not been seen before; the reverse blow-dry, creating an explosion-effect style. So, is this look simple to create day-to-day? Read on to find out.
Women often take direct inspiration from the catwalk when it comes to choosing their next hairstyle. This summer’s biggest trends, from bohemian waves to super-neat styles and even the neo-grunge look, can all be worn as a daytime look. However, the new Chanel hairstyles may not be such an attainable feat to achieve every morning in your bathroom! The show’s stylist, determined to make a lasting impression, decided to give the runway models a reverse blow-dry, meaning the ends of their style appeared well above forehead-level! Each style was meticulously prepared, creating the effect that the models had each been electrocuted before walking on stage.
If you’re a fan of this look and would like to re-create the style for yourself, bear in mind that you will need a couple of hours prep-time to replicate this effect single handedly! Another point to consider is that long hair is the most difficult length to work with when creating this look. To get the exact same end-result that was created on the runway, try styling hair that isn’t squeaky clean so that your hair has more hold and staying power.
Start by brushing through your crown and lengths as you normally would, then place a hairband at the very back of your head. This will act as a marker as to where your ‘normal’ hair should start (the roots) and finish (the mid-lengths). Next, to create the backwards look, backcomb your lengths and bring up towards the crown of your head. Each backcombed strand should be covered individually in hairspray in order to replicate the structured catwalk look. Finish by spraying evenly all over with a final layer of hairspray to keep your hair standing on end as long as possible!
© Pixelformula / Chanel Haute-Couture runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO