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Statement backcombed hair
Statement backcombed hair
Statement backcombed hair
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Streetstyle: statement backcombed hair

Her hair. She’s created a backcombed beehive! To start with, she parted her hair to one side, backcombed the middle-upper section and then sprayed all-over with a healthy dose of hairspray. To create this look, you should backcomb from the roots right down to the mid-lengths. Next, she added some English-style curls to the very ends of her lengths. This look requires several different stages and may seem time-consuming, however is actually very simple to create.
Her look. She’s wearing a dark, 60s inspired outfit made up of mostly black pieces. Drainpipe skinny jeans and a high-neck blouse are all she needs to complete her look. Her hair is the centre of attention today, not her outfit. Ballerina flats lengthen her already-long legs. A cow-girl belt acts as the final touch.
Tip of the day. Hairspray does not damage hair! Don’t be afraid of spraying liberally in order to create volume and give your style a long-lasting hold. You can easily brush out any unwanted product. Simply avoid spraying too much in one concentrated area to ensure hair stays shiny, not greasy-looking.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO