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Streetstyle: short bob and fedora hat
Streetstyle: short bob and fedora hat
Streetstyle: short bob and fedora hat
Styles and trends

Streetstyle: short bob and fedora hat

The sun is finally starting to make an appearance and is getting everybody in the mood for summer's fashion and hair trends. This year, once again, is seeing the fedora hat make a revival. This accessory is perfect for adding a chic touch to your hairstyle, even a short bob!
Her hair. A dip-dyed short bob. Her centre parting gives her on-trend style some structure. She’s opted for no layers at all, and has decided to keep the same length all of the way around her haircut. This emphasizes her dip-dye color which fades from chestnut brown at the roots to light auburn at the ends. To complement her matte skin and hair color, she has accessorised with an orange felt fedora hat. We’re loving her look!
Her style. Very boho-chic. Taking advantage of the warmer weather, a pair of cropped denim shorts are the perfect base for her fine jumper and jacket combo. Low-rise, black leather ankle boots tone with her matching handbag. Her make-up is pared back, instead opting to enhance her natural tan color beautifully.
Tip of the day. To keep your roots looking healthy and voluminous, try using Control Therapy shampoo by Jean Louis David. Formulated especially for hair that has both greasy roots and dry ends, it will prevent your hair from becoming oily quickly. Throughout the day, refresh your style using a dry shampoo that will fit inside your handbag.
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