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Boyish cut
Boyish cut
Boyish cut
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Streetstyle: create a structured boyish crop

If you want to work a unique look, an individual hairstyle is crucial! Our streetstyle pick today has taken direct inspiration from one of the most revisited styles these past few years. She’s opted for the boyish crop, which was bang on-trend last winter, however has given hers a modern update with a more structured finish. Read on to find out about this season’s must-have look.
Her hairstyle. A structured, boyish crop. Inspired by the bowl hairstyle once made popular by young boys in kindergarten, our streetstyle wearer today has opted for a very similar look. Her hair is cut just above the ears, creating a helmet-effect shape. Thanks to her naturally voluminous locks, this style is perfect for her! Hair is cut at the same length all around this style, giving a nod to this season’s geometric trend.
Her look. Oh-so elegant! To make up for her rather boyish hairstyle, she has picked a chic, feminine outfit. Her look is centered on a luxurious, leather dress. On her feet are a wow-pair of neon heels whilst her shoulders are kept warm with a faux-fur jacket, complete with a neutral handbag. This ensemble is a great look for a modern, working woman whose daily schedule is filled with important meetings.
Tip of the day. Some women wince at the thought of cutting their hair into a boyish crop, as they consider this to be too masculine. Our streetstyle wearer, however, is living proof that this is simply not the case! Take the plunge and create the boyish crop by incorporating girly accessories such as clips, hairbands or even one of this season’s trendy, floral headbands!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO