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Streetstyle: the feminine bowl cut
Streetstyle: the feminine bowl cut

Streetstyle: the feminine bowl cut

Short without looking too boyish, the bowl cut is becoming more popular by the minute in the fashion world and is set to be the hairstyle to watch for Autumn/Winter 2013-2014, especially if you’re looking for a new, chic style.
Her hair. A bowl cut with ice blonde hair. Our streetstyle pick today has fairly fine hair and wanted a style that would look modern yet stylish. This bowl cut is very different from the bowl cuts that young boys wore in kindergarten when you were little. The women’s bowl cut is longer and incorporates a fringe. To really nail this look, you need to take care to round the edges of your bowl cut to create the perfect shape. To do this, work straighteners through the ends of your hair, turning it underneath slightly, then run a sculpting paste through your lengths to keep it in place.
Her look. Very double-denim inspired! Boyfriend jeans and a jean-style shirt act as the base of her outfit. To keep warm, she has added a marine blue, 80s style sweater over her denim shirt. She carries a black handbag and wears golden brogues on her feet. Her look is fun and quirky. To top off her outfit, she is wearing a pair of blue frosted, square sunglasses.
Tip of the day. Women with frizz-prone, dry hair should avoid a style like this at all costs, as it would take hours to tame your unruly locks into submission! Ideally, you should have a dainty bone structure and straight hair to pull this look off.
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