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I've tested the Density Paste
I've tested the Density Paste

I've tested the Density Paste

My hair is long and flexible, which allows me to adopt the disheveled effect trend on a daily basis. Especially since I discovered the Jean Louis David Density Paste that I apply to my hair after drying. This ensures that my hairstyle lasts all day.
The Density Paste gives texture and substance to my hair. This enhances my hairstyles and gets them looking how I like them. Its format allows me to choose the amount of product that I want to use without overdoing it. Whether I apply the Density Paste on dry hair for a densifying effect or on damp hair for a natural look, I'm a fan. I proceed by putting the product in my hands and massaging it evenly in my hair to get a long lasting hold. When I want to go for the disheveled effect, I work the product stand by strand for an impeccable result.
The Density Paste is effective : the product holds my hairstyles while remaining unnoticed. If I feel like changing my hair throughout the day, I simply keep my Density Paste handy! It's up to me if I want to go from a disheveled look to a neat chignon, or from a ponytail to loose hair. The Density Paste gives me full freedom!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO