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The hippie chic look
The hippie chic look
The hippie chic look
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Streetstyle: create a hippy-chic look with a headband

Festival season has well and truly landed, meaning women everywhere are lusting after the Woodstock and Coachella hippy-chic look. Every year, fashionistas from far and wide flock to summer music festivals sporting the feminine, bohemian look. What better place to look for inspiration than real women themselves?
Her hair. Our streetstyle pick today has extra voluminous hair which enables her to show off her bouncy, round curls. Thanks to her super-long locks, her style is worthy of an authentic 70s hippy. To add a unique take to her style, she has added a headband positioned in the middle of her forehead which cements her style status whilst keeping her hair out of her eyes.
Her look. Just as bohemian as her hairstyle! She’s wearing a high-waisted, vibrant print mini skirt which adds a pop of color and originality to her outfit. The rest of her look is mainly made up of black pieces including shoe boots, a fringed top and chic handbag.
Tip of the day. Our streetstyle wearer has opted for dark headband, however feel free to play around and experiment with color to add personality…why not try a studded or floral version? Rather than positioning your headband on the forehead, try pushing it up onto the hair itself for a more everyday look.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO