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The leather headband
The leather headband
The leather headband
Styles and trends

The leather headband

A must-have accessory come summer, the headband is the ultimate feminine accessory. A fine, gold and flower embellished version is the perfect way to do modern princess-chic. For 2014, the headband is changing once again and taking inspiration from leather. Let’s take a closer look at the trend.
The trend. Headbands have come a long way from the days when we wore one to simply keep the hair out of our faces. Today, you can take your hairstyle to the next level with a leather headband. Wider than the traditional headband, the leather alternative is embellished with golden metal pieces to create a more grown-up look.
Who can wear the leather headband? Anyone who ditched headbands because they thought they were too girly. Whereas the girly hairbands of yesterday were in pastel colors and extremely thin, this season’s leather version is much more versatile and biker chic. You can finally wear a headband with your everyday wardrobe thanks to the leather twist on this old accessory and even work a neo-grunge vibe.
How to wear the leather headband. Don’t go overboard and create an elaborate hairstyle. In fact, all of the attention should be on your hairband. Therefore, your hairstyle should be fairly simple and laid-back to avoid looking like you tried too hard. The Valentino runway styled their headbands with a simple low ponytail at the base of each model’s neck. To copy this look, gather your hair into a low-slung ponytail and tie up with an elastic. Then, simply add your headband on top and you’re good to go. This look is both simple and easy to create…get ready to turn heads.
© Pixelformula /Valentino prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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