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Streetstyle: 70s style, still going strong
Streetstyle: 70s style, still going strong
Streetstyle: 70s style, still going strong
Styles and trends

Streetstyle: 70s style, still going strong

Charlie’s Angels and Woodstock are both reminiscent of the iconic 70s era. Fashion was turned on its head, whilst hairstyles went from being structured to more voluminous shapes.
Her hairstyle. Her hair is very similar to the styles worn in the Charlie’s Angels television series filmed in 1976. Her hair is parted in the centre whilst large bouncy curls frame her face. Her look is centred around her big, blow-out hairstyle. Soft, cascading curls echo the styles worn by 70s film and TV stars. Her thick hair is perfect for creating this type of curl.
Her look. Her outfit is very individualistic and reminds us of Farrah Fawcett in her heyday. She has opted for kick-flare jeans which act as the base of her ensemble whilst a striped top adds a modern edge. To complete her 70s look, she has accessorised with several different bracelets on both wrists, aviator sunglasses and a handheld tote bag.
Tip of the day. Want to create similar curls to our streetstyle pick today? Head to your nearest Jean Louis David salon and ask for the Speed Curl service. In just 15 minutes and for only 15 euros, your stylist will style your hair into celeb-worthy waves. Simply make sure you arrive at the salon with clean hair. Say hello to your new Jill Munroe, Charlie’s Angels curls!
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