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Preconceived ideas you may have about split ends
Preconceived ideas you may have about split ends
Preconceived ideas you may have about split ends
Damaged hair

Split ends: persistent preconceived ideas


Dry, damaged tips: you think you know everything about split ends but these strands split in two have created some stubborn preconceived ideas. We take a closer look.

1. Split ends can be repaired with treatments

This is without doubt the most common preconceived idea, and yet it is incorrect. Having split ends is an irreversible phenomenon, as it is the tips of your hair which, when dry and brittle, split in two. Once they have set in, it is impossible to repair the hair fibre. The only solution for getting rid of them? Getting the split ends cut off by a professional (and not using a snake oil home remedy which could make the problem worse).

The anti-split tip. Treat your locks with keratin-enriched formulations to prevent split ends from forming.

2. Getting split ends cut off makes your hair grow faster

Although getting rid of weak split ends makes your hair look better, it does not influence hair growth. Whether you keep your split ends or get them trimmed regularly at the salon, your locks will always grow at the same rate as re-growth is related to your scalp, not the tips. As a result, the latter has no an impact on the process. By getting rid of your damaged hair, your locks will look healthier, but your hair will continue to grow all the same, even though the ends are split.

3. I use lots of treatments, so I'll never have split ends

This is true for short hair, but false if you have long locks! This is because the longer your hair is, the older your tips are as regrowth starts at the roots. When you have XXL locks, the tips of your hair could be 3 to 5 years old. Although treatments are effective, they will not prevent the natural ageing of the hair, nor the hair fibre rubbing constantly on your clothes causing split ends to form. With a bit of luck, if you take good care of your locks , you should only need to get them cut by a centimetre to prevent the split ends from climbing up the lengths of your hair.

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