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Does hair grow faster in summer?
Does hair grow faster in summer?
Does hair grow faster in summer?
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Hair grows faster in summer: truth or myth?


Do you get the feeling your hair grows faster in summer? Is it a real phenomenon or are you influenced by groundless urban myths? We take a closer look.

Yes, the sun and heat do boost hair growth

The summer season has a beneficial impact on the growth of your hair due to extended periods of sun and higher temperatures. The warmer weather boosts the supply of nutrients needed for keratin production. The production of this protein (essential for hair growth ) is increased and your locks grow faster.

However, it is not down to the seasons

As we have said, it is not summer in itself which stimulates the process, but rather the climatic conditions connected with it. If you head off to warmer climes on holiday for several weeks in the middle of winter, the effects on your hair will be exactly the same. Conversely, a cool summer with a lack of sunlight will not have any impact on your hair growth.

Good to know. Although summer is a great ally for those wanting long flowing locks, excessive sun exposure can dry out the hair shaft . To prevent this, use nourishing treatments to keep your hair in full health and in great condition right down to the tips.

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