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Thought you knew everything about hair growth? Find out 5 facts which are bound to surprise you!
Thought you knew everything about hair growth? Find out 5 facts which are bound to surprise you!

Hair growth, 5 unusual facts you should know

Had enough of your pixie crop or your curtain fringe? Although a miracle solution doesn't exist, find out five unusual facts to pass the time whilst waiting for your hair to grow.

1. Massaging the head promotes hair growth

To boost hair growth, focus on massaging your head when shampooing your hair. A simple routine (massaging using your fingertips for 1 to 2 minutes) has several advantages: it fortifies the hair, boosts blood micro-circulation and delivers nutrients (essential for growth).

2. Trimming the ends of your hair allows it to grow better

Every month, hair gains between 0.5 and 2cm (even if you did cut it during the full moon...). With a quick calculation, you can work out it'll take some time for your hair to go from a pixie crop to a lovely structured bob. Instead of avoiding your hairdresser, freshen up your haircut every three months. Even if that doesn't speed up your hair's growth (a common preconception), this little trim allows you to remove damaged sections. Dry tips and split ends slow down hair growth and climb up the hair fibre.

3. Fine hair grows more slowly

Whilst it is possible to find clever ways of maximising the volume of fine hair , needless to say it is much harder when it concerns hair growth. If you get the impression your hair growth is stagnating, it's often because it is sensitive to external elements, making it more likely to thin out.

4. Excess treatment is counter-productive

You know, a healthy scalp is THE basis for beautiful locks: it recloses the hair bulbs whilst holding hair in at the roots. Amongst the recommended treatments, the keratin mask is a must-have for nourishing and deeply cleansing. Are you addicted to this product? Careful not to make the use of this treatment counter-productive! Limit yourself to using it on a weekly basis, with risk of making the hair fibre weaker. The same applies to conditioner, which mustn't be used systematically. As for styling products, apply them sparingly: an excess amount of hairspray or gel will suffocate the hair fibre.

5. Tying up your hair can slow down its growth

Having hair which is in between two lengths (like when you're growing out a fringe ) is a step we all dread when we want our hair to gain a few centimetres. When this is the case, lots of people have the same reaction: they tie up their hair until it reaches the desired length. However, this solution is not recommended: a tightly tied ponytail or repetitive chignons can slow down hair growth. Go for floaty hairstyles (it's the big comeback of the half-ponytail ) and use styling products to help- just the right amount to add structure your locks.

Although no magic formula exists to help you gain a few centimetres in length, some techniques can help your hair grow more quickly !


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