Haircuts: choosing the right length to suit your hair type

Straight or curly, thick or fine, every hair type has an ideal haircut. Find yours by learning how to match your hair length to your hair type.

Straight fine hair: create depth

Are you wondering which haircut would suit your hair type? With fine straight hair the main aim is to get as much volume as possible. To achieve this, opt for a short chin-length bob which will add fullness and movement. However, avoid growing your hair longer than shoulder length, as this could create a ‘poker straight’ effect which will accentuate the lack of depth. To get the long tresses of your dreams, you could opt for a mid-length cut with subtle layering. The hairdresser will work carefully to make sure that your hair is not overly thinned out.

Thick straight hair: play with your hair’s texture

Ideally you should go for a cropped haircut or XXL hair. If you want a medium-length cut, your hairdresser will put in layers to prevent you from getting that helmet head effect and to add structure to the haircut. The hairdresser can also thin out your locks to lighten up the style. Want bangs? Ask for a curtain fringe which is perfect for your hair type.

Curly fine hair: create balance

Your hair type is enhanced by short unstructured haircuts like the Pixie crop , as your curls give the ideal amount of volume to your locks. If you want longer locks, opt for a mid-length layered bob. Your hairdresser will ensure that they do not cut too much off of the upper strands in order to keep the volume looking right.

Curly thick hair: showcase your curls

For your hair type, mid-length hair is a real help when it comes to taming your curls . With the weight of the hair, your curls will loosen and will fall perfectly without you having to style them too much. However, overly structured cuts are not recommended as they can make your hairstyle look too staid.

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