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Know your layered cuts from your thinned-out cuts.
Know your layered cuts from your thinned-out cuts.
Know your layered cuts from your thinned-out cuts.

A layered or thinned-out cut: what's the difference?


A-Line versus fringed bobs, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean straightening... It's not always easy to know the difference between hairstyles. Especially as the distinctions between them are sometimes minimal. Here are a few explanations so that you don't get it wrong and so that you can express exactly what you want to your hairdresser: a layered or thinned out cut.

Layers, to create volume

To put in layers, the hairdresser will play with different lengths of strands. Some are cut shorter than others to create movement and an impression of natural volume. No demarcation is visible, the balance is perfect. This technique suits all lengths of hair but, be aware that the more pronounced your layers are, the thicker your hair will look. This is not the case for fine hair types where you will get the opposite result.

Thinning out, to make your hair finer

At the opposite end of the scale, thinning out consists of making certain sections thinner using notched scissors or a razor blade to lighten the hairstyle. However it can, to a lesser degree, create volume. If you have flat hair, for example, applied to the roots, this technique allows your hair to be lifted, having an immediate volume-building effect. It can also be used to create the same effect on the tips or fringe. Nevertheless, be careful, as thinning out can be detrimental and unsuitable for damaged or extremely fine hair as it thins it out even more.

Finally, unlike bobs and layers, these cuts can by all means be combined, especially on long thick hair which will be thinned out and given movement. So feel free to ask for a combination of the two. Now find out how to perfectly express what you want to your hairdresser...

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