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Find out how to enhance your thick, straight hair!
Find out how to enhance your thick, straight hair!

Straight and thick hair: how can I create movement?

Your hair is heavy, thick and straight... you therefore find it hard to create movement to make your hair more dynamic. Our expert gives you their advice on how to achieve this without altering your hair's vitality.

Opt for a cut suited to your hair type

"Layering is made for you ! In fact, this technique instantly adds volume to your hair. As the strands are placed on top of each other, they create movement and give an impression of depth. Depending on your desired result, you can go for layers at the front, all over the top or just at the tips. Careful not to overdo this technique so as not to weaken your hair."

Wave your strands with S-Waves

"S-Waves isn't a perm which will curl or make your hair frizzy . It makes the hair fibre more supple and gives shape to your locks in order to obtain a natural wavy effect. It's an all new exclusive service which lasts for around 5 weeks depending on the thickness and length of your hair."

"When this technique is being carried out, you hairdresser will know how to adapt the intensity of the product according to your hair."

Vanessa Giani

"Rest assured: there is no risk of damaging your hair when this technique is carried out by a professional. A little tip: each morning, work with your waves using a few sprays of Beach Spray to make them more defined."

Use a heating device for a temporary result

"If you don't wish to use chemical techniques, working with heat is a must. To do this, firstly apply a thermo-active treatment to protect your hair. Then use your straighteners, select a relatively thick strand and apply Design spray. Finally, create the movement you desire with your device and fix it with some hairspray. Repeat this all over your hair."

To go one step further, find out how to enhance your thick hair !


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