Long hair: going from straight to glamorous waves

Have you had enough of poker-straight locks? Dare to try out Hollywood-style loose curls for a glamorous look. Here is how to create this hairstyle which is worthy of the red carpet!

Create spirals using curling tongs

Start by separating out a large section at the front, instead of a middle parting. Texturize this section using Design Spray to give body to your locks and to hold onto the movement that will be created. Then, wind the section around large-diameter curling tongs to create soft curls. When you remove the curling tongs, do not unroll the section to keep the spiral intact, as shaped by the heated styler. Hold it in place with two flat hair pins, one on either side, until it cools. Then, continue by styling the hair on the sides. To do this, mark out sections of the same thickness. Apply Design Spray once more. Then, curl each section by winding the hair towards the front to give the curls a movement which is in harmony with the locks framing your face. Then curl the rest of your hair in the same way, alternately changing the direction in which you form the curls from section to section.

Perfect your waves

Once the heat has dissipated, take out the hairpins to unroll your locks. Then loosen your curls by brushing them through with a comb and your fingers, re-working each wave by hand. To do this, twist your locks around themselves to make your hair tumble down in pretty, soft waves. Finish off the hairstyle by ruffling up your curls upside-down to boost the volume. Spritz on hairspray to finish and you will have glamorous waves in no time!

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