Say goodbye to dull hair

A poor diet, a poorly-kept colour and pollution are all causes of dull hair. To say goodbye to lacklustre hair and discover the pro-solutions for shiny, radiant and healthy hair!
“A healthy mind in a healthy body”. You’ve all heard this phrase, but that doesn’t mean that all of you live by it. But your hair (and you) would be a lot better off if you did! “For naturally beautiful hair, a healthy lifestyle is essential. This means a balanced and varied diet, regular exercise and restful sleep.” Cigarette smoke and pollution are also causes of dull hair.
You might think your hairdresser says this just to annoy you, but a poorly kept colour really does end up leaving your hair looking dull. “Today, colour services are often very high quality and last a long time, as long as you look after it at home. You should use treatments for coloured hair to revive the colour and keep your hair looking radiant.
If your hair’s looking dull but you haven’t had it coloured, it could be because your hair’s cuticles aren’t smooth. And hair that isn’t smooth can’t reflect the light. “To treat this, use masks designed for your hair type. These treatments will seal the gaps.” Use your mask each time you wash your hair as its effects only last one wash.
Our tip: Hairdressers used to use a light brilliantine to give hair shine. So use your styling products to achieve the same effect. At Jean Louis David, Design Spray will help you get rid of dull hair. Apply this product to dry hair then heat with a hairdryer or another styling tool. Guaranteed shine!
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