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The right lifestyle for healthy hair
The right lifestyle for healthy hair
Hair care

The right lifestyle for healthy hair

When it comes to having shiny, resistant hair, your lifestyle plays an important role. Just like it does for your figure and your skin. Here’s some advice on how to get the odds working in your favour.
“The most important thing is a balanced, varied diet. To make sure your body and your hair are as healthy as possible, you’ll need lots of iron, magnesium, protein, vitamins, etc.” To provide your body with all of these essential elements, eat lots of eggs, vegetables, fish and starch, and avoid fatty, sugary foods.
Keeping fit is great for both your figure and your hair. “Your body rids itself of toxins through sweating. And generally you also sweat through your scalp! So it’s good for your hair.” However, make sure you rinse or wash your hair with gentle shampoo after doing sport, you don’t want to leave this sweat on your scalp!
Tobacco doesn’t help your hair either. “Your scalp becomes less flexible and receives less oxygen as blood circulates less towards your roots. The result is that hair generally looks duller.”
Pollution also leaves your hair looking dull but also more likely to break. “This is why at Jean Louis David we’ve launched a product range designed to protect hair from negative urban factors and UV rays.” Protecting your hair helps it become more resistant.
“Finally, get at least 7 or 8 hours’ sleep a night. When you’re tired, your whole body suffers the consequences, including your hair. Result: hair looks dull and lifeless. After all, your hair is a reflection of your general state of health.” So make sure you avoid any unnecessary stress.
Our tip: Massaging your scalp is also a good habit to get into for healthy hair. When you’re in the shower or watching a film, rub your scalp to relax and activate your scalp’s micro circulation.
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