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Go for this sleek wet-look hairstyle to liven up your short bob
Go for this sleek wet-look hairstyle to liven up your short bob
Go for this sleek wet-look hairstyle to liven up your short bob

On trend: the wet-look short bob


The wet-look trend is being carried through into winter to reinvent your short bob. So, are you ready to try out this highly on-trend hairstyle?

Opting for a short bob is great. Putting a twist on it with the wet look, one of the knockout effects of the season, is even better! All the more since this wet-look style comes in almost endless variations this winter. All you need to have fun trying out different styles and mix it up as much as you like. Just get your hands on a pot of styling gel!

How do get the wet look to work with a short bob?

Impeccably slicked back and worn in a ponytail last summer, the wet look style can now suit long hair thanks to a sleek blow-dry on loose locks. This hairstyle is less straight-laced and it has extra volume on top. The hair is simply swept towards the back, as though styled with a single hand movement. A sleek wet look that gives your short bob an incredibly on-trend feel!

Create the sleek wet look like a pro

Did it catch your eye on the Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 Lanvin or Sportmax catwalks? Well, here's how you can recreate the perfect wet look in your short bob. We guarantee that with this technique, no one will think you have greasy hair (the most common worry for those too scared to try out this look)!

Start with some sleek straightening. Then style your short hair towards the back with a brush and tuck the side sections behind your ears. Finally, take a small amount of flexible gel, such as Jean Louis David's design gel, warm it up between your hands and spread it all over your hair, though sparingly at the roots and tips. This is the trick for avoiding the greasy look so that you get a perfect wet look for your short or long bob!

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