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Men: hats for the beach
Men: hats for the beach
Men: hats for the beach

Men: hats for the beach

Women aren't the only ones who are allowed to wear hair accessories to protect themselves from the sun, men can too! But while you might be sharing your missus' hair protection products, you won't be wearing her accessories. Here's a look at some of the trendiest men's hats around at the moment.
The baseball cap. This accessory is perfect for men with a chic and urban dress sense. The cap with an XXL peak has had its time; caps are being revamped for summer 2013. In denim or straw, brightly coloured or patterned, this year's version of the baseball cap is worlds away from the ones you've been wearing for the past few years. And it's nothing like the ones you wore in your youth. Forget chunky lettering, this summer the baseball cap is a far cry from the typical teen look we all know so well. It is becoming a sophisticated accessory in its own right.
The straw hat. A huge summer classic, this accessory is back for summer 2013. Whether you go for a panama or a wide-brim straw hat, it should be worn laid-back and chilled-out. New for this summer: the straw cap.  Perfect for those of you having trouble choosing between the baseball cap and the straw hat. Both trends are combined for a preppy and modern result.
The sailor's hat. As soon as it starts to get warm again, the nautical style sneaks back into our wardrobes, following the latest trends. As well as the traditional striped tees, the sailor's hat is the season's must-have accessory for anyone after an original style. Hats are not just for winter, and we are seeing that on the beaches this summer. Revamped to keep you cool, the sailor's hat is a laid-back, stylish way to protect your hair from the sun.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO