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How to wear the ethnic turban
How to wear the ethnic turban
How to wear the ethnic turban
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How to wear the ethnic turban

More than any other season, summer is a time of wanderlust. You're eager to travel, discover new cultures... But if you not lucky enough to be going away anywhere, then try out some looks that will make you feel like you're anywhere else but here! With its graphic patterns and bright colours, the ethnic turban is the perfect accessory to decorate your hair and make you feel like you've journeyed to a whole new place.
The ethnic trend. As soon as the warm weather arrives, the ethnic trend is a big feature of our wardrobe, especially our accessories. Headscarves, belts, turbans, the trend is sported in subtle hints to give it the showcase it deserves. When it comes to your hair, wear a turban on an up-do. Boho chic comes effortlessly with this accessory!
Who is it for? Anyone looking for accessories that speak of faraway places. A great festival accessory, choose yours in bright colours and make sure you wear it loud and proud. The perfect solution if you're after something patterned and summery.
How to wear it. The turban is a great way to show off your face, so tie up your hair and place the turban on top of your head. Under the turban, create a high, messy chignon. To do this, give your lengths some texture, then create a laid-back, bohemian chignon and secure with a bungee band.
When you're done you can place the turban on your head. If you want something really trendy, choose a scarf with ethnic prints. Fold it until you're left with a long rectangle. Roll it around the top of your head and bring the ends of the scarf to the front of your head. Twist the ends together and hide any bits that are poking out of the scarf. Finally, fix in place with hair grips.
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