How to re-shape your hair after a downpour

Rain and humidity are the worst enemies of straight or simply tamed, styled hair. To protect your hair, you need to apply products designed to protect your hair from humidity. But sometimes this isn’t enough… Here’s our advice on how to sort it out after a downpour!
Frizz has appeared. “Pffft… Sadly there is no miracle solution to get rid of frizz that appears after a downpour. Hairspray could come to the rescue, if your hair were dry.” Your only option is to use straighteners. So make sure you have mini straighteners at the ready!
Hair is wet. Not sopping wet but pretty damp. And as luck would have it you’re supposed to be in a meeting just a few minutes after you arrive at the office, or you’re headed out on a first date. To remedy the situation for a few hours, tie your hair up. “Pull it back and tie it into a ballerina bun, for example. Then take it down after your meeting/date to let it dry quicker.”
Straight hair is no longer straight. You can use straighteners to quickly straighten your hair. “If your hair is already dry, spray hairspray onto a flat or round brush and use it to pull your hair back. Your hair won’t be as straight as it would be with straighteners, but at least it will look flatter.”
Hair has dried and looks greasy. Obviously you can’t simply wash your hair. So use a dry shampoo, the perfect solution for greasy hair (to tide you over until your next hair wash!). “Dry shampoo doesn’t replace real shampoo. It just helps you get through the day or night.”
Hair is huge. The best thing to do is use hairspray and a comb to try and flatten it. “Spray hairspray onto the roots then style using a flat brush or comb to reduce the volume!” This will help tame your hair.
Our tip: To prepare for any eventuality, put together a little survival beauty kit! The must-have products to fight against humidity and rain are hairspray, mini straighteners, dry shampoo and serum.
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