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How to get curls to hold in fine hair?
How to get curls to hold in fine hair?
How to get curls to hold in fine hair?
Fine hair

How to get curls to hold in fine hair?


Whether you have just come out of the hair salon or you have used curling tongs like a pro, your fine hair now falls in beautiful curls. Now you need to take care of them so they stay in as long as possible. Read on to find out how...

Avoid touching your hair

At the museum, the bakery, the zoo... as a child your parents constantly repeated this expression: "look but don't touch". Even if curiosity always got the better of you back then, today you must follow this expression to the letter. Don't run your hands through your hair or play with the tips and even more importantly, don't pull on your curls to check if they still hold. A mirror is enough to take a look at your curls. Leaving your new hairstyle alone makes it considerably more likely to last. Not only that, it also means you won't end up with flat-looking hair at the end of the day...

Rely on rollers

You thought they were just for your grandma. Yet, rollers are essential accessories if you want to keep your beautiful curls in for as long as possible. Before going to bed, dampen your hair and apply a styling mousse which will add definition and improve your curls' bounce. Then roll up sections of your hair in the rollers and keep them in overnight. When you wake up, carefully take them out, adjust your hairstyle if necessary and apply fix spray all over your hair. Don't forget to pop this little helper into your handbag, so that you can carry out any minor touch-ups throughout the day.

Put in braids

If you decide against using rollers, putting in some braids before going to sleep is an effective technique for keeping your curls intact. Just like the previous method, dampen your hair and apply Design Mousse. Then form your braids according to your desired look (large braids to create a wavy effect, small braids for tight curls). The next day, take them out and apply fixing spray to your locks.

Use curling tongs

Finally, to give volume to your fine hair every morning, use curling tongs. If you are adding the finishing touches to hair you have already curled, you don't need to take too long over it. First, apply styling mousse or a curl definition treatment to damp hair. Once dry, give it a quick once-over with the curling tongs. As usual, finish the process by styling your curls and apply a fixing spray to your hair.

Now you have everything you need to get curls to hold in your fine hair.

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