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How to do the braided crown
How to do the braided crown

How to do the braided crown

Suitably bohemian, the braided crown is still trending this autumn-winter season.
Not quite sure how to achieve it ? Follow our step by step tutorial for a crown identical to ones seen on Viktor & Rolf's catwalk.
Step 1: 
You want the braided crown! But wait at least 24 hours after your last shampoo before creating it. This is the only way the do will hold tightly .
Step 2: 
Part your hair in the middle to separate it into two equal parts.
Step 3: 
Purposely leave out some loose hair while your make two braids. One on each side of the head. Each braid should start from the top of the head where the hair is parted.
Step 4: 
Once you've finished your two braids, bring them each to their opposite sides. Bring the right braid up to the left side and the left braid up to the right side.
Step 5: 
Secure each braid with hairpins. Prepare a significant number of pins to be sure that the crown holds perfectly , especially if you have thick hair. When putting in the pins , be sure to leave out a few strands of hair to prevent a too rigid look . The hairdo is bohemian and accentuated by the loose hairs.
Step 6: 
Once you've accomplish the braided crown, finish it off with a bit of hairspray to ensure that it holds all day.
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