How can you curl your hair with plaits?

Maybe you dream of beautiful curls but do not have curling tongs or straighteners to hand? Don’t panic, braids can come to the rescue to help you get curls without heat but with ease. Here’s how.

Use this method preferably before going to bed to get beautiful natural curls when you wake up.

1. Prepare your locks

Wash your hair or wet your locks to style it damp before spreading out a small amount of styling mousse all over. Once applied, this hair product will hold the movement created in your hair without that ‘stiff as a board’ look.

2. Plait your hair

Now move on to braiding, tailoring the number and size of your braids to the style of curls you want. To create a glamorous wavy look without curling tongs, separate your hair into two to four equal parts and put in large braids. You will see that they will be moulded into perfect and long-lasting loose curls. To get tighter curls, put in smaller braids, all the same size for a result that looks right. The finer the braids, the tighter your curls will be.

3. Take out your braids

After sleeping with your braids in, your hair will have dried imprinting the waves of the plaiting technique into your locks. All you need do is untie your braids and run your hands through them, thoroughly shaking them to give a more natural look to your hairstyle. Then, hold your curls in place with a spritz of hairspray and hey presto!

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