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A new trick to counter greasy hair which is all the rage
A new trick to counter greasy hair which is all the rage
A new trick to counter greasy hair which is all the rage
Caring for greasy hair

Hair trend: what should we make of the water only trend?


Washing your hair by simply rinsing it in water. That is what the water only trend suggests as being the new solution for roots which are quick to go greasy. Should you take this trend seriously and if so, why? We take a closer look.

What does it promise to do?

Along the same lines as the no-poo trend, the water only technique is even more radical. It consists of rinsing your hair in clean water, without using any product in place of shampoo. This process allegedly allows you to "slide" the sebum accumulated at the roots down towards the tips so they can benefit from the effects of this naturally secreted oil.

Should you give it a go?

It is hard to be won over, considering the many restrictions that this sebum therapy entails. First of all, those that water only is aimed at (those who have a problem with greasy roots) have to be patient. When trying out this technique, you must allow time for the scalp to regulate its sebum production. This means that you will have to endure a period with "dirty" looking hair. Not to mention that you must also find the right time to give it a go. It is even harder to reconcile this treatment with your lifestyle if you do sport regularly, or if you like swimming or even beach holidays...

What you should take from this trend

Cutting out the use of shampoo is not as good an idea as it may seem. Shampoo is essential for getting rid of dust, particles of pollution and other substances which accumulate in your hair throughout the day. However, the water only trend has the advantage of highlighting the main issue: excessive use of product and hair treatments which causes the opposite effect to the one intended. The hair will be quick to go greasy due to overly frequent washing which prevents the scalp's protective barrier (sebum) from doing its job. This is because the scalp compensates by sending the sebaceous glands into overdrive. A good tip? Simply treat the water only trend as a reminder to better deal with the interval between washes, so that you keep it as long as possible.

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