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The pros and cons of sebum therapy
The pros and cons of sebum therapy
The pros and cons of sebum therapy
Hair care

What should we make of sebum therapy?


Sebum therapy is about letting one month go by without using shampoo, conditioner or other haircare products. It is becoming increasingly popular, but is it really a good idea? We take a closer look.

Completely natural therapy

Its promise? To restore your scalp back to full health so that it becomes greasy less quickly by not washing your hair. However, unlike the no-poo trend which cuts shampoo out of your hair care regime indefinitely, this therapy is restricted to a month. No need for costly products - the idea is to encourage self-regulation of sebum production whilst caring for your locks thanks to the haircare properties of this naturally secreted oil. The only daily obligation: thorough brushing to get rid of any residue from your hair (dust, pollution, dead skin cells) and to spread out the sebum from the roots down to the tips so that it no longer gathers at the roots. The result expected at the end of the therapy: less greasy roots, well-hydrated lengths and the option of washing your hair less frequently without any worries.

An impossible task?

Yes, as owning greasy hair in public is no easy task. Sebum therapy seems like a daunting prospect, with four whole weeks without shampoo. And if you suffer from psoriasis of the scalp, don't even think about it. It is a big no-no as it might make itching and other hair issues worse. Even if you try this therapy out only once a year, you will find it difficult to consider hiding your locks under a bandana for the duration of your hair detox.

The compromise

Try a mini version of sebum therapy lasting only a week (enough time for a mini detox) which is much easier to get through by tying your hair back.

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