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Hair detoxes explained
Hair detoxes explained

Hair detoxes explained

Is your hair still suffering from the after-effects of the festive season? It’s completely normal for your hair to feel a bit lack-lustre after all of those celebrations. And, unfortunately, your hair isn’t immune to your late nights and drinking. If your hair is still not back to its usual self, read on to discover how to restore your hair’s vibrancy and vitality.
Rich meals and a lack of sleep can have a real impact on your hair. ‘Living in excess leads to greasy roots. It’s hard to imagine what a detox for your hair actually entails, so think of it more as regaining control over your hair. To restore your hair back to its former vitality, try using a regulating shampoo. In the Jean Louis David salons, Control Therapy shampoo is one of the greatest remedies for this problem. It’s the perfect solution for getting your hair back to into shape post party-season.
However, using a regulating shampoo alone wont ‘cure’ your hair. You need to adapt your lifestyle choices too. ‘Greasy roots generally start to appear around 3 weeks after heavy partying. During this time, you should think about exercising more and eating a healthy, balanced diet as soon as possible. Only when you actually start seeing greasy roots and dry ends should you start using a regulating shampoo.
As well as using regulating shampoos, start taking vitamins and using clay-based beauty products. ‘Choose supplements that are based around wheat germ. And try using clay based products if your roots are extremely greasy.
Our tip. The festive period not only takes its toll on our roots, but all of the hair. But, only treat the root area of your hair as the lengths and ends are not actually affected by your diet.

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