Greasy hair: Bad haircare regime habits to break

Are greasy roots and glistening locks ruining your life despite treatments? This is bound to be down to bad habits… Here are 7 habits that you should break to say goodbye to greasy hair once and for all!

Running your hands through your hair all the time

This repetitive action is not without consequence as it stimulates the sebaceous glands which, in order to respond to this “aggravation”, produce more sebum than usual to prevent irritation.

Over-using dry shampoo

This absorbent powder is handy for freshening up your hair and masking greasy roots, but actually ends up suffocating the scalp and aggravating the problem when it is used too often or left on for too long. This means that it should only be used as an SOS treatment and in moderation!

Choosing overly rich treatments

Do you feel like you need to wash your greasy hair every day? Big mistake! It is better to lengthen the interval between hairwashes, even if it means tying back your locks to mask the telltale signs. In addition, make sure you use a shampoo suited to your hair type. An overly hydrating treatment, applied daily, will make your roots even greasier.

Washing your hair in water that is too hot

Lukewarm water allows you to remove surplus sebum, whereas an overly high temperature will strip the scalp which in turn, to defend itself, will secrete even more of this protective oily film…

Rubbing your scalp too hard when shampooing your hair

Briefly massage your scalp when shampooing but be careful not to do it too energetically or to apply too much pressure! The risk: stimulating the sebaceous glands.

Tying back wet hair

This makes hard water stagnate on your scalp which reacts by producing too much sebum. Say hello to greasy hair once your hair has dried!

Not brushing your hair in the evenings

Essential for spreading sebum down the lengths and eliminating residue, which can suffocate the scalp, this step helps prevent you from falling into the vicious circle of having hair that is quick to go greasy.

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