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Say goodbye to greasy hair
Say goodbye to greasy hair
Hair care

Say goodbye to greasy hair

No one wants greasy hair… Unattractive and far from the sexy image you’re after. Our experts give you a few simple tips on how to avoid greasy hair!
Hair becomes greasy due to overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Sebum is essential for healthy hair, but too much of it can result in imbalance and a greasy appearance. There may be several different causes: heredity, stress or too many rich foods. “It may also be caused by the products you use. Products not suitable for your hair type are a big no-go!”
Here are a few tips on how to say goodbye to greasy hair once and for all. “When you wash your hair, use silicon-free products. Silicon tends to weigh down the hair. When you are in the shower, massage your hair very gently and use cool water. This will help restrict sebum production. When styling your hair, hold the hair dryer as far away from your hair as possible and try not to use the highest temperature. Finally, get out of the habit of running your fingers through your hair a hundred times a day! This habit, though you do it without even thinking, results in greasy hair.
“Choose purifying, gentle and softening shampoos. These are perfect for regulating sebum secretion. Alternate with a mild shampoo to maintain your hair’s balance.” Finish rinsing your hair with a blast of cold water if you can, or tepid water if you’re not quite brave enough!

Our tip: While we don’t recommend massaging your scalp when washing your hair, it is however recommended on dry hair before shampooing. This will rid the hair of excess sebum.
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