Scalp exfoliation: why do it and how do you choose the right product?

Body exfoliation is recommended for removing dead skin cells, but why exfoliate your scalp? Here’s everything you need to know before you give it a go: from why you should exfoliate to how to choose the right product and the precautions you should take.

Scalp exfoliation is recommended for cleansing greasy scalps and/or scalps prone to dandruff. It does not treat the problem but it allows you to lift the most stubborn flakes off. However, avoid this technique if your skin is sensitive, you have rashes, sores or cuts or you have just coloured your hair.

Why exfoliate?

By temporarily ridding your scalp of impurities, exfoliating allows you to:

– Improve oxygenation of the scalp
– Activate micro-circulation
– Allow treatments to penetrate more easily
– Lift your roots

Which exfoliator should you go for?

Just like body exfoliators, there are two types of scalp exfoliator:

– Scrub. This type of exfoliator contains abrasive substances that exfoliate the scalp when applied using a massage technique. Opt for those containing sugar or ground fruit stones (apricot or olive for example), which are less abrasive than those containing salt.

– Chemical. With this type of exfoliator, no massaging is required. In a few minutes, the product will dissolve the dead skin cells.

In both cases, you must thoroughly rinse your hair off afterwards and only exfoliate every now and then. Excess exfoliation (twice a week or more) can stimulate the sebaceous glands, making the scalp go greasy much more quickly.

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