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Everything you should know before cutting your fringe short
Everything you should know before cutting your fringe short
Everything you should know before cutting your fringe short

Are you brave enough to go for a cropped fringe?


Long or short, full or thinned out, fringes come in a whole range of different styles. But would you go in for the cropped version? Find out more about it without further ado!

Yes, as it's hot right now...

If you were waiting for the right time to try out a short fringe, we can tell you that it's well and truly here! Falling to midway down your forehead, either blunt for a bold style or layered for a more subtle feminine look, this mini version is emerging as the IT fringe for Autumn-Winter 2017/2018. At the Jeremy Scott, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and Francesco Scognamiglio fashion shows it got itself noticed on a number of catwalks.

...but only if it goes with your face shape

The cropped fringe goes wonderfully with both long and short haircuts. Its advantages: it puts a twist on your look and draws attention to your eyes.

That said, be warned that the mini-fringe does not suit all face shapes. It looks elegant on oval faces, and is smart and effective for balancing out round faces so that they look slimmer. However, this cropped fringe is not a good option for those who have long faces, as it accentuates the elongated aspect. An important point which should be taken into consideration before going in for the trend!

No, if you want a style that's easy to live with

The cropped fringe, like punk style asymmetric bangs is perfect for women with a strong character. Those who are not as daring can opt for a sophisticated quiff or a curtain fringe swept to one side, which are much easier to live with.

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