How should you style your fringe this Autumn-Winter 2017-2018?

Fringes are ideal for changing your look in the blink of an eye, and they adapt to suit all of this season’s haircuts. Find out about three on-trend ways of styling fringes and find the perfect version for you!

A long thinned-out fringe with a bob or XXL hair

This season, fringes are being worn long, sometimes deliberately overly long, with thinned-out tips tickling the eyelashes. Straightened or slightly de-styled, they add that little “je-ne-sais-quoi” of elegance and charm to your haircut. This type of fringe goes wonderfully with long slightly scrunched hair or a simple blunt bob cut for an effortlessly sophisticated style. Day-to-day, you can wear it swept over to one side to keep the hair out of your face or go for a curtain style to give maximum character to your look.

Full blunt bangs with short haircuts

With a short haircut, nothing beats a thick blunt fringe that comes down to your eyebrows and makes your eyes stand out. A clear-cut precise outline makes it the perfect hair accessory for structuring and adding a feminine touch to boyish haircuts, such as the Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 tomboy haircut created by Jean Louis David. This type of fringe is also ideal for updating a bowl cut, as shown by Jean Louis David’s bold pudding bowl cut. For a perfect fringe, get it cut slightly rounded at the sides so it follows the oval shape of your face and style it with a round brush to give it a curved look.

An extra-short fringe for a distinctive look

This season fringes are getting a daring and impactful look! Short and thinned-out to varying degrees, this style of fringe falls to midway down your forehead. It puts a twist on both layered mid-length cuts and short hair. Consider trying out different hairstyles, for example to revisit your fringe with a sophisticated quiff.

Good to know: Although you may choose a fringe to keep up with current trends, don’t forget to choose one to suit your face shape so that it perfectly enhances your features!

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