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Are schoolgirl bunches back?
Are schoolgirl bunches back?
Are schoolgirl bunches back?
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Are schoolgirl bunches back?

You haven't worn your hair in bunches since you left primary school. But bunches are making a comeback for spring-summer 2013. Watch out though, this season's version of the bunches is nothing like the ones you used to wear as a little girl. Here's a closer look.
Schoolgirl bunches 2013. The days when your mum used to tie your hair up in high bunches are long gone, so don't worry, these latest bunches look nothing like the ones you sported back in the 80s. This year they're worn low and elegant for a chic and refined look.
Who are they for? Long or mid-length hair, definitely not short hair if you want to avoid the girly, never-growing-up effect. The trend works on both straight and curly hair, just make sure you opt for a centre parting for a guaranteed sophisticated effect.
How to create schoolgirl bunches. While your hair is still damp, create a centre parting use a long, fine-toothed comb. For a straight version, blow-dry then straighten your hair. Create a neat parting all the way across your head to separate your hair evenly, then tie with bungee bands. Leave a section of hair out of the bunches so that you can roll it around your hair band for a more glamorous result. For a boho effect, leave your hair to dry naturally then apply a styling mousse and work your fingers through your hair. Create your bunches as before.
© Pixelformula/Moncler prêt-à-porter show, Spring-Summer 2013 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO