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Animal print…for your hair
Animal print…for your hair
Animal print…for your hair
Styles and trends

Animal print…for your hair

Animal print took quite some time to truly settle into our wardrobes. However, today the print is creeping into our day-to-day looks more and more, and is no longer considered ‘zany’. Now, animal print has officially landed in the world of hair. Thought that multi-coloured hair was this season’s biggest trend ? Think again. Animal print is back with a bang.
The trend : Tiger-esque highlights and leopard print. These animal-themed hair dyes are mainly temporary and can bring a touch of madness to your style. Far from people mistaking you for a cat, this trend is great for those in search of a touch of originality who want to stand out from the crowd.
Who can wear animal print ? Anyone who can go without wearing their animal print sweatpants this winter ! Animal-inspired hair works well, as long as you don’t wear it with other animal printed clothing. This trend brings a touch of extravagance to a simple, casual look. Try going for a temporary colour as there’s nothing worse than having to keep a hairstyle that you can’t work with every day.
How can I wear this trend ? First and foremost, stay away from permanent dyes. This option is too radical and lasts too long, so avoid at all costs ! Think carefully about using makeup. It takes a lot of patience and skill, but you can use makeup to draw animal print into your hair. Hair chalk, or even mascara, will do the trick. For an evening-do, try adding clip-in printed hair extensions. With no risk of getting this trend wrong or being left with permanent animal print dye, the extensions simply clip in and out of the hair when you want.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO