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Try out this on-trend easy-to-create half-bun.
Try out this on-trend easy-to-create half-bun.

Why give in to the half-bun trend?

For a few months now, the half-bun has won over it girls the world over. On-trend, practical and easy to create, this hairstyle has emerged as one of the flagship looks for the year. We take a closer look.

A trendy hairstyle

The perfect combination of a bun and a half-ponytail, the half-bun has become an essential red carpet look, sported by stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner and Diane Kruger. Even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has not been able to resist this phenomenon which has now reached the high street (see photo). What makes it a success? A half-bun taking in the hair at the front of the head, making for a modern and relaxed look without taking away any of its elegance. The rest of the hair is showcased perfectly as it cascades down the back.

An extremely adaptable hairstyle

This bun suits all textures of hair, whether it be straight, wavy, curly or frizzy. To adapt it to suit your style, consider where you are placing the bun. You can place your bun low down, in the middle or at the top of your head (a more perky look) depending on your taste. Not forgetting to style your locks: add a rock chick look to your hairstyle with a scrunched effect, tame your hair with a sleek blow-dry , make it look thicker with curls or dare to try the Bohemian style with a wavy effect .

A quick-to-create half-bun

Simple and easy to create, the half-bun is perfect for women in a rush. To create this look, you should have at least a short bob with hair down to your jawline.

To successfully create this hairstyle like a pro, start by dividing up your hair into two sections horizontally. The upper section should be made up of about one quarter of your hair. Next, tie it up into the bun of your choice. Then leave the rest of your hair to cascade down your back. Finally, spritz on hairspray to ensure maximum hold.


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