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Why do we get dry hair?
Why do we get dry hair?

Why do we get dry hair?

Are your ends rough? Do they tangle easily? It sounds like your hair is suffering from dryness and a lack of hydration. While, contrary to popular belief, this doesn't necessarily mean that you hair is dry all over, you should pay particular attention to your mid-lengths and ends, which tend to be most affected.
"Your diet and the stressful, polluted environment you live in can end up altering your hair type, but they never make your hair go dry. Direct action on hair, such as a colouring treatment, can cause a lot of damage. Repeated colouring treatments on the same area can leave hair fragile and dry."
Can't live without your hairdryer and straighteners? Then make sure you protect your hair. "Of course you can use your straighteners! Just as long as you apply a special pre-straightening product first to protect your hair from the heat of your styling tools. Don't forget that straighteners should preferably be used on hair that is almost dry. Also avoid tying up your hair too often, and don't tie your hair band too tight, as this can cause your hair to break."
If you have dry hair you need to use products designed especially for your hair type. "Your hair needs to be nourished so you need to use the right products: hydrating products. If your hair has suffered too much damage, no product will be able to solve this problem. It's best to cut off the damaged sections and start again with a healthy base!"
Our tip. Steer clear of shampoos that contain silicon. These will not deeply repair your hair. Instead, choose a frequent usage shampoo and a mask for dry hair.
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