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Taking care of my dry hair
Taking care of my dry hair

Taking care of my dry hair

Just like your skin, your hair is exposed to the elements of everyday life. It is subjected to pollution, UV rays, stress…and can easily become dry. To fight back, you just need to choose specialised products and get into good habits early.
  Rough, straw-like hair? Without a doubt, your hair is dehydrated. What’s more, curly and frizzy hair is often the worst. However, contrary to popular belief the whole hair might not be dry. Jeff Causse explains that, “certain women may have an excess of oil at the root of the hair. When applying products, you have to be sure to apply it directly to the affected area. In which case, be sure to use a shampoo for greasy hair on the roots and then use a product for dry hair on the lengths and tips of the hair. The two products will work in harmony.”
  When caring for dry hair, there are also serums available that will nourish deeply. “These products penetrate right to the core of the fibre for optimum hydration and protect your hair from the elements.” Avoid shampoos that contain artificial ingredients such as silicone. Yes, your hair will be left soft on the outside but it will not be repaired completely on the inside. “Try to go for pH neutral shampoos or ones that can be used frequently. After rinsing thoroughly, apply a mask for dry hair.”
  Old remedies and recipes have caught your attention and you are contemplating going for a natural approach? Forget this straight away… Egg yolk and olive oil don’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to hydrating hair! “For this to be a success, you have to know the exact quantities necessary and what to mix it with. Avoid any potions that may be damaging to your hair. Especially that nowadays you’re spoilt for choice with the amount of excellent natural products out there.”
  On the styling front, don’t deprive yourself of your precious straighteners! “You can of course use your flat irons, on the sole condition that you apply a special pre-straightening product prior to use  which will protect your hair from the heat of your equipment.”
  Our tip: beyond cosmetics, there are some simple rules you should try to follow in order to combat dry hair. “Avoid tying your hair up too often but most of all, do not tie the elastic too tight as this will snap and damage your hair.”
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