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Which styling products for which style?
Which styling products for which style?

Which styling products for which style?

The styling product you need will vary depending on the hairstyle you're after. Here's some advice from the pros to help you perfect your hair designs!
I want to backcomb my hair. To backcomb your hair and give it an irresistible matte look, opt for a powder product that will give your hair texture and a matt finish. "At Jean Louis David, we use Texture Powder, which we apply to the roots. We want to achieve volume at the top of the head, so we apply the product underneath and backcomb inside the hair." You can do the same with hairspray, but this doesn’t create such a matt finish.
I want wet-look hair. This depends on the result you're after. For a slick wet look, choose a strong-hold gel. "At Jean Louis David we have Extreme Glue, which offers a long-lasting hold. Perfect for a slick effect. For added shine, follow with a serum." If you want something less rigid, go for a medium-hold gel. This will give you a trendy glossy finish. Use these products on dry hair.
I want curly hair. You can boost your hair using curl-definer products, provided you already have curls of course! No product can be used to curl straight hair. "Apply to damp hair then leave it to dry naturally for gentle, well-defined curls." For extra hold, use a styling mousse. This will add more body. 
I want thicker hair. Unfortunately, there is no miracle product for this. But there are ways of making your hair appear thicker. Such as styling mousse, which offers added volume. "Colouring treatments can also be a good option. You don't have to go for a permanent colour. Temporary colours will also do the trick."
I want to my style to last. The ideal product is still hairspray! This is still the best way to fix a style in place and get rid of flyaway hairs. Spray 30cm away from your head, being careful not to concentrate on one section. "Distribute the product evenly to stop your hair looking stiff."
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO