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Use the right brush for every occasion.
Use the right brush for every occasion.
Use the right brush for every occasion.

Which brush for which purpose?


Whether it be to get rid of knots, to straighten or to style, hair brushes are a staple accessory for your hair. Read on to find out which style of brush you should choose.

A flat brush for detangling

This style of brush suits all textures of hair: straight, wavy and curly. Its aim? To get rid of knots, impurities and any hair which has fallen out (typically between 60 and 70 hairs a day). To successfully achieve this, choose a brush with natural hair, synthetic bristles or a paddle brush, depending on your preferences. Each one of these brushes will properly detangle your locks.

As for your regime, use your brush morning and evening (ideally) on dry or damp hair, it all depends on your desired result. To keep your curls looking well-defined, detangle your hair after you have wrung it out. If you wish to obtain more volume, brush your dry hair with your head down.

Our advice. After each time you brush your hair, remove any hair stuck between bristles using a fine comb. Also, once a month, clean your brush with a mix of water and shampoo.

A flat, air-cushioned brush for styling

This is one of the most commonly used brushes. With a cushion of air (with bristles or hair placed on top), it reduces the amount of friction when brushing and allows you to give the finishing touches to a hairstyle. Opt for a 100% natural hog's hair brush. They have the advantage of containing keratin (an essential component for your hair) which makes your hair shinier and softer. Use it to straighten the top layer of your hair when forming a chignon, a slicked-back ponytail or for loosening your curls to obtain a wavy effect.

A round brush for blow-drying

Designed for wrapping your strands around, this brush facilitates straightening with a hair dryer. To choose its diameter, it's the length of your hair which counts. If your hair is long, opt for a 5cm diameter brush. As for material, select a ceramic round brush. They preserve and diffuse heat given off by your device, do not create static electricity (for those of you with fine hair) and they are also perfect for thick locks.

Professional tip. To get poker straight blow-dried hair, use a round brush, then finish off the tips using a flat brush.

For any quick touch-ups on your hair, get a mini or fold-up version which you can quite simply pop into your handbag.

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