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How to effectively detangle hair
How to effectively detangle hair
Hair care

How to effectively detangle hair

How to detangle your hair all depends on your individual hair type. Some can easily remove tangles, whilst for others it can be a laborious task. Discover the best technique for your locks.
Curly hair can be detangled easily, once you know how. ‘Opt for a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair before shampooing. After washing your hair, you may have to detangle again, however this time with a finer comb’.
This technique applies to fine hair also. ‘Most hair types should be brushed prior to shampooing. This enables your shampoo to work more effectively and coat each and every strand. You’ll instantly notice your hair looking and feeling healthier when using this technique’.
Is your shampoo rich in nourishing properties? ‘This can also help to leave your locks smooth and tangle-free. If you prefer not to use these types of shampoos, why not try a leave-in conditioner or detangler when styling your hair?’
To make combing your hair easier, nothing works better than what you apply after shampooing. ‘In terms of the quality of your hair, choose between a comb and a brush. Sometimes, it’s better to start the process with a larger brush and finish with a wide-tooth comb. To nail this technique, always start at the ends and work your way up to the roots’.
Our advice: Does your hair get in a tangle all too often? Make sure you brush your mane regularly, at any opportunity you can get throughout the day. Shampooing will be much easier and your hair will really reap the benefits. Also think about using a dual-phase haircare product on a daily basis, which will help to keep stands detangled.
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