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Weddings: my style for summer 2015

Been invited to a wedding this summer? The Style Bar is a great option for special occasion looks. Elodie tells us about her recent Jean Louis David salon experience.
“I received my first wedding invitation of the season at the beginning of June; it was my best friend’s turn to tie the knot. A few days before the ceremony, I had no idea how to style my hair. One thing was certain: I didn’t want to be boring and simple with an updo chignon... so last season! I wanted something both original and sophisticated that would stay put all day long. But, considering I’m not very talented when it comes to styling hair, my choice was limited!”
“The morning of the big day, I headed to my closest Jean Louis David salon. I’d already tried out the Style Bar for a friend’s birthday party the month before and was extremely happy with the result, but also with the high quality for a relatively low price, not to mention the quick turnaround times... going back was a no-brainer. As soon as the salon opened its doors that morning, I was welcomed by a stylist who handed me a brochure with the styles available. I opted for the Makeover”.
“In just 15 minutes, my style was complete! I proudly showed off my faux short style all day long thanks to a dual bun and quiff combo. The end result was chic, modern and original... exactly what I wanted! I was convinced my new style would upstage the rest of the guests (and even perhaps the bride herself!). Let’s just say when she walked down the aisle, she wasn’t the only belle of the ball!”
© Jean Louis David
Weddings: my style for summer 2015
Weddings: my style for summer 2015
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO