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Style Bar: new season up-dos
Style Bar: new season up-dos
Style Bar: new season up-dos
Styles and trends

Style Bar: new season up-dos


For 2015, the Style Bar is releasing a series of brand new up-do styles that are both sophisticated and simple to create. Our pro reveals all... This year, braids are just as on-trend as ever. 'For long hair, we've created an elaborate plaited look. The end-result is oh-so chic thanks to its slightly geometric feel. The technique itself involves creating 5 braids which intertwine to form a ponytail, accessorised with a neat ribbon tied at the base'. If your hair is mid-length to long, you can also opt for the new PonyTail style. 'This look is essentially a low-slung ponytail with a twisted affect at the rear. Hair is secured at the nape of the neck whilst the roots are backcombed to add volume and body'. Finally, discover the complete Makeover option. 'This faux-short style is perfect for a special occasion when you want to completely transform your look. This style takes direct inspiration from the 70s when hair was worn in two dainty buns with an edgy quiff at the front. You'll need at least mid-length hair to achieve this look'. Our advice: Got an important event, interview or meeting scheduled and don't have time to go back home to change? Head straight to your nearest Jean Louis David salon and opt for one of these new up-do styles for an on-trend look in less than 15 minutes flat, for only 15 euros! © Jean Louis David

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