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 Have an emergency styling kit at the ready for every eventuality
Have an emergency styling kit at the ready for every eventuality
Have an emergency styling kit at the ready for every eventuality

Wedding hair: the ideal emergency styling kit for your big day!


Hoping to have the perfect hairstyle on your big day? To get the perfect look, an emergency styling kit is essential. Fill it with a selection of accessories and styling products for emergencies or last-minute touch-ups. Simply pop it into your bridesmaid's clutch bag to keep your hairstyle looking flawless!

Emergency hairpins

Have you gone to the salon to get a flawless chignon or a personalised up-do for your big day? If so, your hairstyle will be immaculate when you leave the salon. But what with constant embraces and air kisses throughout the day, it is difficult to keep your hair looking flawless. Pop a few bobby pins matching your hair colour into your emergency kit, along with Kirby grips to keep back any unruly strands.

A comb or brush

As your hair may get frizzy, your locks tangled, you may get a stubborn cowlick constantly popping up or an unruly strand which may make an appearance just before the wedding photos, do not forget to pop a brush or comb into your emergency kit. Choose one with natural bristles to gently style your locks without damaging your up-do, or opt for a long tail comb which will allow you to tuck any unruly strands precisely and discreetly back into your chignon.


With the veil rubbing against your hair, static electricity can gatecrash the wedding reception and make your hairstyle look messy. When euphoria kicks in and you start dancing the night away, it is not uncommon for a hair malfunction to occur. To keep your hairstyle looking neat with a few spritzes, simply pop a travel size can of hairspray into your kit to fix the movement of your hairstyle whenever you want. Spray it holding the can 30cm from your head and smooth down your locks with a comb to enjoy your evening without a care in the world.

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